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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
― Laozi

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September 1st, 2018

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```js console.log("Hello World!") ``` Now that we have the mandatory 'hello world' out of the way, let's address the elephant in the room. ### Why September Zero? In early 2015 I came across a site called [April Zero](http://aprilzero.com/). Back then it wasn’t the impressive quantified self dashboard you see now. It was a humble blog documenting [Anand Sharma](https://www.twitter.com/aprilzero)’s personal story in realising the SaaS business that would eventually be [Gyroscope](https://gyrosco.pe/). The remnants of his chronicles can still be found [here (Part 1)](https://blog.gyrosco.pe/the-making-of-april-zero-877612ca3d24) and [here (Part 2)](https://blog.gyrosco.pe/the-making-of-april-zero-part-2-9fee331e2043). I was inspired by Anand’s creative process, way of thinking and attention to detail. A lot of what he wrote about resonated with me and so I also embarked on my own journey of self discovery and started to feed my obsession with tracking everything in my life. I’m not sure what the meaning behind April Zero was for Anand, but for me September is my ‘reset’ month. It’s when I take inventory of my life and plan for the next year (more on this process later). It’s also the month I was born. Well, only just... my birthday is on September 30th. ### What is September Zero? #### TL;DR: The short version In short this site is a journal of my own personal journey. It’s a place to keep track of my thoughts and document my systems and the projects I’m working on. It’s also a code sandbox where I try things out. #### The long version Since 2015 I’ve put a lot of thought and time into building systems for tracking things that matter in my life. It’s gotten to a point where a lot of people I know are asking me about my various systems and processes. To make life easier for myself and other people I decided to build September Zero to force me to critically analyse and document every aspect of my systems and in the process add value to others. And it gives me a place to refer people to when they ask: [“So why do you track your time 24/7?”](/blog/time) Over the past few years I’ve built up a [Rube Goldberg machine](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rube_Goldberg_machine) of sorts to manage and track my life. Every system falls into a specific category for me. The main categories I’ve narrowed my systems down to are: * Goal setting - [Project Genesis](/projects/genesis) * Project management - [Project Heimdall](/projects/heimdall) * Habit tracking & Life logging - [Project Munin](/projects/munin) * Knowledge Management - TBA * Finances & Retirement - TBA *This is not a definitive list by any means and is almost certainly subject to change.* As you can see I’ve created separate projects for each of these categories. I know what you’re thinking... > “You’re just over complicating things by having separate projects for each category...” — You *probably* You’re not wrong. However, I don’t see them as mutually exclusive systems. They will definitely interact and share information eventually but I want each project to function on it’s own first. That way someone can integrate only one part of this system into theirs, or adopt the whole ecosystem as a whole. You can read more about my vision for how these systems will work together eventually [here](/blog/overview). The ultimate goal is to build these systems out as services that people can sign up for and use. You can keep an eye on the progress of all the projects [here](/projects) ### How does September Zero work? (‘The Nerd Stuff’) In short this site consists of two main content types: [Blog Posts](/blog) and [Projects](/projects). Every blog post and project can be tagged with multiple categories. Blog posts can also, optionally, be tagged with multiple projects. So over time each individual project page will become a collection of all the blog posts related to that project. Any category can also be linked to directly to show a collection of projects and posts, see: [productivity category](/category/productivity). For this site I used the following technologies: * [Nuxt.js (Vue.js)](https://nuxtjs.org/) * [Firebase](https://firebase.google.com/) * [Webtask.io](https://webtask.io/) * [Zeit](https://zeit.co/) For more detailed information check out [the project page for this site](/projects/september-zero). An open source version of this blog framework [can be found here](https://github.com/september-zero/september-zero). Please feel free to fork it, submit pull requests and create issues. *Details on the technologies used for [the projects I’m working on](/projects) can be found on the individual project pages.* ### Who is behind September Zero?
I live by a set of values and hopefully September Zero and the projects I work on will reflect them. I will endeavour to always * add value * be honest and transparent * grow and improve * admit and correct my mistakes * be mindful of [cognitive biases](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cognitive_biases) ### Thank you for your time Thanks for reading this far. I appreciate that you’ve taken time out of your day to read the ramblings of a mad man. I hope that some of it was coherent and that I’ve managed to give you a glimpse into how I plan to add value to your life (and mine).